5500 KM / Bonus 100 KM
13 Weeks

HELP make a difference!


Thank you to everyone that has supported Ajax Spider-Man. The last 4 years we have raised just over $80,000.00 for Cancer research!!! Can we get to $100,000.00 this year?

Many of us know someone that has been touched by cancer.  I lost my Father (Gord) and Best Friend (Greg) to cancer. Both never gave up fighting to the end. Both of them inspired me to LIVE each day to the fullest. They also showed me how one person with a positive outlook can make a difference.

This year Ajax Spider-Man and his Superhero team will be collectively running 1KM for each $2 raised. Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 and run 10,000KM.

Bonus target when we reach over $20,000.00 in donations, Ajax Spider-Man will run 100KM on September 17 for the official Terry Fox Run Day in Ajax, Ontario



About Me

When I lost my best friend and Dad to cancer I began supporting the Terry Fox Foundation. COVID changed everything in 2020, this is when I knew I had to do more. Ajax Spider-Man was born, and the rest is history.


Marathon Journey

Luckily, our work started a workout circuit session for beginners every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch. Nothing crazy just simple exercises you can do as a group for 30 minutes.



I decided in March of 2020 not to waste all that training and focus on a new personal goal. How could I support a charity I believe in and also do something for my community.

CBC Coverage

"You have not lived today until you have done something
for someone who can never repay you."
John Bunyan
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